Is Blurry Vision Normal After Cataract Surgery?

Is Blurry Vision Normal After Cataract Surgery?

Blurred vision is very common after cataract surgery. This is true both immediately after cataract surgery and in the months and years following. These two types of blurring have very different causes. The immediate blurry vision should diminish (ask your doctor) and the later blurring can be easily fixed.

On the day of surgery, a protective shield will cover the operated eye after surgery, usually for 24 hours. In the days following the cataract removal, your eye may be slightly blurry. Always remember to discuss all observations about your vision with your surgeon after the surgery.

In the months and years after cataract surgery, it is also very common for vision to become blurry again. This happens in up to 80% of people that have cataract surgery. This blurred vision is sometimes called a “secondary cataract” and has a very quick procedure to remedy. Always see your doctor to be sure the blurring is not more serious.

During cataract surgery, the lens is broken up and removed from the capsule around it. Part of this capsule is left to house the new artificial lens (iol) being implanted during surgery. A secondary cataract is when this capsule becomes opacified and begins causing blurry vision. The symptoms that usually lead people back to their eye surgeon are often very similar to those experienced before cataract surgery.

The procedure to restore blurry vision after cataract surgery is very quick. Often taking less than five minuets, a laser is used to break up the opacification. The procedure, called a laser capsulotomy, restores clear vision and is usually completely painless.

Blurry vision after cataract surgery is quite normal. Always discuss all vision issues with your eye doctor because only a trained eye can determine the source of blurry vision and the immediacy of needed treatment.