Shower After Cataract Surgery

Shower After Cataract Surgery

When can I shower after cataract surgery?

After having cataract surgery, many patients wonder if it is alright to shower immediately after the surgery. While cataract surgery is a quick procedure, usually done on an outpatient basis, there are still restrictions after cataract surgery that need to be followed.

Typically, it is OK to shower after cataract surgery as long as you do not get the operated eye wet. Water is the main problem with showering after cataract surgery and getting water in your eye is to be avoided in the days following your eye surgery.

When taking a shower after cataract surgery, it is often advised that patients hold a dry wash cloth over the operated eye to prevent water from contacting the eye. By following this simple advice it is very easy to keep the operated eye dry and still be able to shower after your eye surgery.

Always consult with your cataract surgeon prior to taking a shower after your surgery. Only your surgeon can tell you if it is safe for you to shower with the type of eye surgery you had. Always follow your surgeon’s instructions when it comes to your post op care.